Study Abroad to Japan 2019

1. About Exchange & Study Abroad Program

Exchange & Study Abroad Program is offered to international students for the term of one semester (four months) or one academic year. The program includes Japanese language courses and content courses offered in Chinese or English. Please refer to our official website for details.

2. Eligibility

Exchange & Study Abroad Program accepts international study abroad students from J. F. Oberlin partner universities as well as independent students. In either case, students are required to have a grade point average of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) and are recommended to have completed at least one year of previous college or university level Japanese language.

3. Application Process

Step One:
1. Click here for costs and Calendar (PDF)
2. Click here to create your on-line account, then apply for the program (Link)
Fill in and submit Supplemental documents (PDF) as well as the program agreement(PDF).
*Email to: , Filename: A-XXXX_yourname.pdf
Step Two:
1. After everything is submitted, check your application status to make sure that your application is complete.
2. If a significant period of time has elapsed and your status is not complete, please write to and ask about your status.
1. After you have received your official acceptance letter, you may buy your airplane ticket.
2. Approximately seven weeks before classes begin you will receive your Certificate of Eligibility. Once this is in hand, you may apply for a student visa through your Japanese embassy or consulate.
3. Upload your flight plans on the form provided by JFOU approximately three weeks before departure if you expect airport pickup.
4. Please note that fees and dates are subject to change without notice.