• All Japanese nationals and those who have the resident card must enroll the National Health Insurance.
  • Its insurance fee varies from an individual to another, based on your previous year’s income
  • In most cases the insurance covers 70% of the total expenses.
  • Year filing in two forms:
  • 1) Application form
  • 2) Declaration form for your income to reduce your premium
  • International students are required to pay a discounted premium of approximately ¥17,000 annually.
  • The annual premium is paid in ten monthly installments from June to March. The 1st bill is more expensive than others. Please pay each bill by its due date. You will get reimburse when you return home.
  • The method of payment is manual payment with the payment slip at the bank, Japan Post Bank, the City/Ward Office, or convenience stores.
  • The payment slip will be delivered in September or October.
  • Before next fiscal year start the city hall will send you another copy of waiver form around March, 2018. You have to fill and resubmit it for the FY2018 then.
    Otherwise your NHI and Pension fees will raise dramatically!