Class Registration

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J. F. Oberlin University is accepting more and more international students every year and offers Exchange & Study Abroad Program that accept exchange students from various countries.

This Program offers classes to learn about Japanese society, culture, politics, economy, environment, etc. in English and Chinese. Students mainly from English and Chinese-speaking countries join this Program.

Japanese students can also take these classes when they have a certain level of language skills and are permitted by their class instructors. This is a great opportunity to understand Japanese culture objectively and prepare for studying abroad.

Typically, participants in the Program enroll in J. F. Oberlin’s Japanese language program (usually 5-8 credits) plus two to three academic content courses (usually 4 credits per class) per semester. Students with exceptional Japanese-language skills who obtain permission from the professor beforehand may also enroll in regular courses taught in Japanese in one or more of J. F. Oberlin’s academic departments.

In any case, please be aware that if a student registers for less than 10 credits a semester, his/her student visa will be revoked. The maximum course load per semester is 20 credits.

【Course subjects】

Content courses are attended not only by exchange students but also by regular university students who have received prior permission from their professors. Content courses in Exchange & Study Abroad Program are conducted in English or Chinese and generally meet twice a week for ninety minutes per session. Students are usually able to transfer credits received at J. F. Oberlin University to their home institutions (please note, however, that the content of the courses are subject to change without notice).

For the contents of each subject, please refer to the list of subjects of the International Institute in the Course Guide Booklet. For content courses of Exchange & Study Abroad Program, please refer to our official website of J. F. Oberlin University.

【Japanese Language Courses】

Exchange & Study Abroad Program students are normally required to take courses in the Japanese language program, although this requirement may be waived for students with superior Japanese language capabilities. Students will be placed in one of the six different levels in the core Japanese program, depending on previous studies and the results of a placement examination given during the orientation period. Classes are 90 minutes long and meet two to five times a week (Monday to Friday).

Each instructor’s grading criteria differs, so please check the Course Guide Booklet or ask your class instructors.

Students will receive course credit only after satisfactorily performing all required work. An official transcript in English will be issued to students.

Grades are based on the following criteria:

A Excellent
B Good
C Satisfactory, Fair
D Minimal
F Failure (An F will not show up on the transcript sent to your home institution but it will remain on the J. F. Oberlin University transcript. Some universities may request us to explain an absence of a grade and in such a case we are obliged to report F scores. Also if you plan to work in Japan in the future, companies may request a J. F. Oberlin transcript which will contain F scores.)
I Incomplete: In case you are unable to attend classes (including midterm/final exams) or submit reports due to serious illness, injuries, natural disasters or other legitimate reasons, you can request an “I” evaluation provided you have official proof such as a doctor’s certificate or the equivalent. Faculty members will review your request and make a decision as to whether an “I” grade is appropriate. If you are able to complete the requirements of the course (i.e. makeup examinations, assignments, etc.) by the given deadlines in the following semester, your professor may reassess your “I” grade and replace it with a regular letter grade.

Transferring credits

Please make sure whether your credits acquired in RJ/Kosatsu Program will be transferred to your home institution. An official transcript will be issued from J. F. Oberlin University at the end of semester.

※An official transcript will be, in principle, sent to the person in charge of your home institution.

Cheating and other improper acts

If you get caught in the act of cheating or plagiarism in examinations or written assignments, you will be punished in accordance with J. F. Oberlin University school regulations.