Disaster Preparedness

A typical residential complex you can find anywhere in Japan where you see old wooden houses are built next to each other. The key phrases to grasp the idea of these areas are;

  • Rows of houses are divided by small alleys
  • Many houses are built overcrowd
  • Tend to face the aging of community
  • Mutual dependence by residents is important

During earthquake

Even just walking will be difficult during an earthquake. This makes it harder to evacuate from fallen object/structure. In this movie we would like you to see;

  • What happens inside a house?
  • What happens outside a house?
  • How hard it is to evacuate from a disaster site.

After earthquake

Earthquake with such intensity will cause a lot of damages in wider area. Trains stop, roads fall in, burned-down houses and fallen objects block alleys. All the mobility people entail in daily life will be taken away in such situation. Fire department and Police department will not function temporarily. Please watch what they do in the movie.

  • Firefighting
  • How to reunite with family
  • How to prepare for a disaster