Home visit program

If you are interested in the home visit program please sign up for it by September 14th.


  • Date. November 17, Saturday & 18, Sunday
  • Place. Tokyo metropolitan / Kanagawa prefecture
  • Fee. Free of charge. However, You will be responsible for transportation between the campus to the family as well as admission fees if the family invite you to the places that requires admissions. The family is supposed to consult you before they decide where to take you to.
  • This program hugely depends on family’s hospitality. They host you without expecting financial benefit from you or from JFOU. Please be aware that the program is intended for cultural exchange between you and the family and prepare so you demonstrate something that represents your culture.


Please read the instruction on the affidavit form and agree with all clause if you would like to complete the sign up form.
The affidavit form is available here.